Moving any car itself can always be quite a difficult task, and particularly, if you are planning to ship a car that is exclusive and of very high value. Such cars are termed luxury cars and often a person may spend their whole life’s saving to possess such cars.

So, then how should you go about your high end luxury car shipping? There can be a major challenge to transport such cars, as you may not be ready to hand over a car to someone whom you do not know enough. Ship a Car, Inc. is quite an experienced transport broker and has sufficient experience in handling such expensive and exclusive car transport.

You must discuss with few other car shipping companies too and obtain a quotation from them and compare them before finalizing your deal.

The following are a few things that you must consider while shipping any luxury car.

1.     Check the license of the company

A few basic things like license, insurance, and bonds that every good transport company must possess need to be checked. In the USA, it is needed for all auto transport companies who are registered through the USDOT.

2.     Check reviews online

You can judge any company’s performance by reading the reviews written by their customers. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an excellent source to find the right auto shipping companies.

3.     Compare shipping quotes

You can get a rough idea about shipping cost by getting a quote from few auto transporting companies and make a comparison. Don’t compromise the safety of your exclusive car and go for the cheapest one.

4.     Don’t forget to research

Before you decide which car shipping company that you are going to select, try to spend a little time researching each of the companies that you have short-listed.

5.     Choose an enclosed auto transport

Usually, most cars are shipped through open trailers, however, for your luxury car, you must go for enclosed auto transport. This option will be costlier comparatively but worth considering.

6.     Verify your car Insurance

It is important to know how much insurance coverage will be provided by the car shipping company. If you find that inadequate for your luxury car then you can consider an additional cover.

7.     Shipping time windows

Most of the time, the transport time selected by your shipping company will not be as per your schedule. It is therefore important that in most cases you must ensure that your vehicle is shipped before you move to ensure that you can get it when you arrive at your new destination.

8.     Avoid cheaper options

You will find in every industry a few companies having no reputation. So, to get business, such companies may offer their service at much cheaper prices. But you must remember that you will get the service quality that you pay for.

While transporting any luxury car, your highest priority will be the safety of your vehicle. Your car must get good care during the transportation to avoid damages. Therefore, you must always go for the right shipping method as well as a quality company.

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