In Australia, we spend a lot of money making many additions to our vehicles but we are missing out on one of the most important ones. Every year, thousands of animals run into the road and they cause millions of dollars of damage to trucks the length and breadth of the country. You already know that we have too many kangaroos in this country and they are frequently running out onto the road in front of cars and trucks. These animals travel at a significant speed and when you add the speed that you were doing in your vehicle, when the two come together, this amounts to a significant impact.

The front of your vehicle is smashed in, you’ve probably lost at least one headlight and your vehicle may be rendered inoperable. This means that you’re going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no way to get home. There are many accounts of drivers striking animals on the highways but they had one advantage and that was a bullbar. Bullbars in Australia are now becoming a common feature on most vehicles because of the many benefits that they provide. Here are some reasons why you should install a bullbar on your vehicle.

  • Protection from animal collisions – As mentioned briefly before, if an animal like a kangaroo impacts your car, it can cause a significant amount of damage and maybe even an injury to yourself. The purpose of a bullbar is to protect the front of your vehicle and it is designed to push the animal up and over the roof but helps to protect the occupants within. When you compare the cost of installing a bullbar to the costs of replacing two headlights and a front grille, it isn’t really a very hard decision to make.
  • Excellent accessory mount point – We get ourselves into all kinds of situations when we are driving around the outback and so it is best to have everything installed on your vehicle that you might need. One of these additions might be a winch and a bull bar is the perfect place to attach one of these. You might also want to add additional spotlights to your vehicle and a bullbar is also perfect for adding these.

The next time that you want to spend money on your vehicle to make it look a little bit better, maybe think about adding a bull bar because of the many benefits that it offers. The above are just two reasons why you should add one to your vehicle, and there are many more.

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